Careers In The Automotive Industry

Published on by Paul Mitchell

So you want to be a car salesman. There are lots of jobs waiting for you in this industry and if we may also add, all of them are very promising for your career growth and they would even help in making your financial situation stable. Most of the things that are involved in this industry require skills and years of experiences. But you don’t have to worry if you call yourself an amateur in the field, training would be provided if you will try to get a job in a high profile car company.

One of the requirements of getting into this business is of course your knowledge on the product that you are about to handle. Next is your passion for the industry, as this is what’s going to drive you and motivate you. It will also be your asset in the company, which will make you indispensable. Here are the careers that are waiting for in the automotive industry.

  1. Engineering- this department would require one to not just have an experience with cars but also a degree on the said field. Automotive Engineering is the field of study that you must finish if you are ever thinking of getting into the engineering department of a car company. It is a very exciting job, especially if it’s really your passion to get into the technicalities of building a car.
  2. Car Designer- if you don’t want to be working on the technicalities on how a car functions and you just want to focus on how it looks, then being car designer is something you should think of getting yourself into. This would also require you to have some sort of a degree to be able to get the job or some experience from high profile car companies. Graduating with a degree in Automotive Design will give you edge in this industry.
  3. Car Salesman- this is one of the departments in a car company that doesn’t usually require a degree as long as you are skilled enough to make a sale. Although of course it is going to give you more edge if you have a degree in Commerce or Business Management, but you still have a chance of getting a job doing this if you can prove to the HR that you can sell cars. It is also best that you have an experience doing it.
  4. Car Restorer- this is one exciting job in the automotive industry, especially if you’re someone who really wants to spend a lot of time with cars to bring them back to their original condition. You don’t need to work for a high profile company because with this, you could actually work on your own and set up your own service. You just need to be really skilled at it and you could have this as your own business.

These are among the professions you could get yourself into if you’re that passionate with cars. We could guarantee you that all of these actually pay well.

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